UK Young artist festival

So last year (I know I’m far behind….sorry) i volunteered for an art festival happening in Leicester called “UK Young artists”, I was told about the event by a friend, which I am grateful that she did (Thank you Marcie!). The festival offered every aspect of art you could think of, from dance, music, performances, and poetry. It was safe to say they covered everything. If you ever get the opportunity to go to the festival I would certainly recommend it!

The artists involved all brought there own unique sense of creativity to the festival allowing there to be a broad range of diversity in many aspects of art. I volunteered as an event photographer, and was covering three events (artists) over the weekend. I had great fun, and learnt so much in such a short space of time. It was my first time covering an event and working to a tight deadline for a well known festival. I put a lot of pressure on myself, as I didn’t want to let the organisers and the artists down, and was worried i wouldn’t produce good enough photos to do the performances justice. I knew i just had to “bite the bullet” and go for it, as it’s opportunities like this that I learn and improve from as a photographer.

At first I was anxious to get there, but once I was there, I felt relatively comfortable and I realised I was very much capable of producing photo’s for this event. The next three days went by so fast, in which I was disappointed by as I was enjoying the experience so much. I pushed my own boundaries and because of that I am more open to other opportunities that will come my way in the future.

I have attached Below the artists that I covered over the three days and there links below, so please do take a look.

Webb-Ellis – Mother. I am Going.

MOTHER. I AM GOING is a three-screen audio-visual installation.

Filmed in an abandoned village in southern Bulgaria, and on the North East coast of England, the film weaves together documentary, performance and archive footage to explore memory’s relationship to the cinematic image, and the discontinuity of history.

Memories return in the form of images. ‘Moments of history are plucked out of the flow of history, then returned to it – no longer quite alive but not yet entirely dead.’

Lucidity appears only in brief moments and no final truth is ever revealed.

Multiple screens allow the installation to reflect the way time and memory are structured, encouraging complex and intricate associations within the flow of imagery, and refusing a definitive viewpoint.

The three screens are erected around a hand-built, scale-model island that sits in a tank of dark, flowing water, reflecting the flickering light of the screens. This island and its single house appear within the film itself.

Katherine Hall – Fill in the _______

Fill in the _____ is a troubling yet ordinary lecture of nonsense, playing on the oddities of managing time and the fragility of relationships. Through chaotic text, task-based episodes and songs of intimate contemplation, interruption and sheer pointlessness, the author speaks of coming, going and shifting through in-between moments; hoping to find a sense of what makes one tick.

Come and waste time with me in a warm, intimate and wry lecture. Here we will reflect on personal life and significant others to explore how different perceptions of time may influence our daily actions.

The Hermes Experiment

Here is some of the photos’ that I took for the artists

Mother. I am going. 13 - Odette Ziemelis

The Hermes Experiement 14 - Odette Ziemelis

Katherine Hall 43 - Odette Ziemelis

Mother. I am going. 9 - Odette Ziemelis

Katherine Hall 46 - Odette Ziemelis

The Hermes Experiement 6 - Odette Ziemelis

Katherine Hall 16 - Odette Ziemelis

Please also feel free to take a look at UK Young artists Facebook page too.

Thank you for reading this far!


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